About Us


For years I contributed to the development of plating specifications for allergy free jewelry. In fact, business associates in Providence Rhode Island jewelry industry sometimes refer to me as "Mr. Nickel Free." The plating specifications that I helped to develop, were accepted by Good Housekeeping. The company that I developed them for used them as their specifications for allergy free earrings and was awarded The Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. As one of the founders of Jennifer Rose Ltd., I bring to the company over 35 year's experience in the jewelry and watch industry. My jewelry designs have been featured in department stores and catalogs around the world. 


What Makes the Jennifer Rose Jewelry Collection Special?


First of all, products that are offered in our nickel free collection are unique. Some of the items that we offer for sale are made from vintage findings and stones. We combine these vintage findings with new components to create a look that can change daily depending upon the availability of vintage stones and enhancement. Best of all. Our production runs are limited, sometimes we make 100 pieces, and sometimes we find unique parts and can only make one. Requests for re-issues are difficult because these finding and stone companies are no longer in business, and the findings and stones are not available at any price. 


Sound extreme?! We think it is, but that is what Jennifer Rose Ltd. is all about, making you stand out in a crowd with exciting and unique jewelry accessories that you can wear without the worry of getting ears that are swollen, red, and sore.


So What Is Different About Our Allergy Free Jewelry?


To begin with, if you have an irritation or infection around your ear, please see a doctor. This could be the sign of a serious problem. If your doctor tells you that your problem is simple Contact Dermatitis caused by a reaction to the jewelry you wear, then try our products. In the plating process we have eliminated all of the nickel and replaced it with a tin substrate. Future collections will offer products that are totally free of any nickel and lead in their content. This allows people with even the most sensitive of skin to wear our jewelry.


I hope you enjoy this special collection of jewelry that we offer for sale. If you have additional questions please do not hesitate to contact me by email. It would be my pleasure to be of assistance.


Thanks and Best Regards


Lynette Kapsinow
Paul DeFruscio


Jennifer Rose Ltd.